Marta is the first person that we always meet at los Laureles. We go to her house right when we get there to rest a little bit after a hot ride or walk out there. Sitting on a chair under a tree we start asking her about her day, and she also asks us questions. She has 8 kids. Her kids are always jumping on us and playing with us they: love being with us, and we love being with them too.

Martha’s kids

Marta’s kids always like to jump on the backs of Nick and John when we go out to the comunity dump. One day John gave a paper to the little “Mateito” to write his name, but he couldn’t but John held his hand and helped him to write his name. And when John did help him to write his name he was soo happy! He started to laugh, you should have see his face he was so happy that John helped him to write his name he loved it.


We see Checho every day; he is with Matt a lot and he loves being with us too.  Walking one day from the mountains with Checho I got the chance to ask him about his life, like what would you like to do in the coming  years. He says to me that he will start working more. He said he likes doing what I am doing but he said that he doesn’t have money to do missions at this point. Then I said to him that when I started to apply for YES  I did not have enough money, but I just started praying to God and saying to him “God if you need me to go on this mission please help me.” And look here I am. I hopefully gave him some hope and it was a nice conversation .

Poni and Dino

These young  boys are so funny. They love playing with us and making fun with us I love them so much. On day John, Nick, and I played soccer at Matt’s house at the comunity. Americans and one European against Dino and Pani and his brother Cesar: and we won. I don’t know what else to say for them but I can say that they always like to play with us and they seem to always be in a good mood.

Helping the youth group

Thursdays there is a youth group from the Mennonite Church that comes to Los Laureles to tell storys to the kids and sing.  They love worshiping  Jesus and they sing so nice. After songs they draw and they like to paint and they paint very good. Doing that every Thursday has been helpful for us to speak more Spanish and to build a relationship with the kids there.


Duk is a good soccer player and when I play soccer I try to be with him because I know that he plays good and that we will win if we are together. I love playing soccer in Honduras because the kids are so good at playing  soccer, and they play soccer every afternoon. Duk is always there playing soccer with his friends.

At the University

We went at 8:00 in the morning to Los Laureles to get the kids to take them to the University where there was a party for them. It was fun to go house to house to tell them to come with us to the University because there is a party. We got 17 kids to go, so we went to the University, played soccer, sang songs,  drank soda, ate sandwiches and candies, and we had cake in the end. It was a nice time and the kids really liked being there, and they gave a big thanks to the College students.

By: Jetmir